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I was texting my best friend the whole time, fangirling like a moron and he kept watching me like I was a crazy person. Also, once I almost walked right into Patrick Swayze at a horse show. It was one of the most amazing moments of my life. Reilly at our local pier resturant. I was in a nice hotel that had a locker room attached to the workout area and pool. I was coming back from the outside pool, carrying a copy of InStyle with Kate Hudson on the cover. I thought about asking her to sign my magazine, but just kept walking instead.

Best wishes for your daughter. Health concerns like this are so hard to deal with at times with so many questions and unknown. I certainly hope Dorothy Barker gets past her issue too. Pets get to be part of the family and when they hurt, we hurt. Celebrity encounter…I once met Paulie Shore. He was very nice and stopped and said hello after I screamed his name in a busy nightclub in Wisconsin. This was before cellphones so no picture opp. Oh well.

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Cheers to you miss! Well wishes all around. I had random encounters with famous musicians before they were famous…. Like Jonny Lang or the guys from Eve6….

Nothing interesting though. When we were touring the Capitol in Washington, my mom stopped to ask directions to the bathroom. The man she asked turned out to be our senator from Arizona, Dennis Deconcini which will tell people how old I am….

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I was a customer at a restaurant on Kitchen Nightmares. Gordon Ramsay approached our table, surrounded by cameras and a sound guy, and asked what was up with the tempura battered cheese mushrooms on our table and I just stammered and stammered, then erupted into embarrassed giggles. I literally ran into Dan Marino at a convention in the early nineties. But I did have dinner next to the wrestling Von Eriks once they lived nearby. And I got to meet Billy Crystal when I ushered for his show about seven years ago —very nice guy. At least I had advanced warning on that one, so I was sure who he was!

I met Ron Jeremy once at a Sexpo in Minneapolis. Many, many years ago my sister took her little sister me to dinner at a small local airport restaurant. There was much activity on the tarmac so my sister asked the waitress what was going on and it turns out that Paul McCartney and his band Wings were landing in a few minutes. I was too young to understand who Paul McCartney was but my sister was freaking out! Long story short, we were able to go down to the gate and were withing just a few feet from Paul and his wife Linda when they were getting in a limo.

Another time in Boston I was in a hotel lobby line with Tony Bennett. Hope your day gets better and good luck with your daughter and dog. I was front row center at a Seal concert at Beacon and I spent one too many times looking over at Gary Oldman to my left. Saw stars.

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  • He was very nice to all that approached him. I was too humina humina humina to say anything. I love Barry Manilow! Well he picked me at one of his concerts! When it was all over I they gave me a video tape it was so long ago of it. When I am feeling down or depressed I pop it in and watch my younger self habving the time of my life. I once spoke on the phone with Lily Tomlin, who my then- boyfriend met at a lounge in an airport.

    He very kindly ignored my idiocy and shook my hand. Jeez, I hope Hailey and Dorothy are going to be okay Jenny.


    Her name is Jana Wendt, she interviewed me for our version of 60 minutes when they did a story on the Bali bombings. She is really very nice. I used to work at a talent agency in Los Angeles and I stood in the elevator with Jeremy Piven on 3 separate occasions. One time i was working as a lift operator as in a person who presses the buttons even though it was not the s at a concert. But mate, pressing buttons is a hard job. It was not, not at all, but standing in a lift for 8 hours and people not realising that is your job is hard.

    I went to a signing for Neil Gaiman. The line was really really long. After 7. And after 7. He stopped signing, talked to me for a moment, then stood up and hugged me. I hugged Alice Cooper and his wife once. Such lovely people. I cried. I will say he was very nice and humble. I went to Jazzfest in New Orleans with my sister who stays up much later then I do. She insisted on going to ar jazz club and I got so tired of standing, I asked a gentleman sitting out the front door on a bench if I could sit with him.

    We chatted for a pretty long time. People kept asking him to take a picture and he kept politng declining. I asked him if he was famous and he looked at me like I had two heads.

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    It was free and a simple bus ride down the street, so of course I signed up. We get into the studio and sit down. D there for a segment. I nerd the hell out and make a happy little gasp that is, apparently, audible. I blush and cover my face with my hands while the audience, crew, and Wil all chuckle at me. So J comes over to say hi and looks at my nametag. Just call me Beth. Cut to two weeks later when I attend another taping. This time, Wil remembers me and asks me if they spelled my name right this time. I took up a second job and so happened to work with his wife.

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    Ran into as in we nearly knocked each other over. I messed up the picture frame, wrapped it up, and prepared it for shipment. I met Bruce Springsteen and it was the best day of my life. I was working the box office window up at Williamstown Theatre Festival and it happened to be my birthday.

    Well, Joanne Woodward came to pick up her tickets to the show that night. First of all, her credit card said Joanne Newman which I thought was the most adorable thing.

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    And then the credit card machine was taking forever and she was lovely and patient. Well, then she looked up. She got a huge smile on her face and a twinkle in her eye. She said it with so much joy, like she was super excited it was my birthday. It was really wonderful. Judge Reinhold used to come through my line at the health food store on the regular.

    I used to work at an aromatherapy store on Robson Street in Vancouver back in the early aughts. There was a lot of film and TV work happening at that time, so there was a parade of celebrities that came through at various times: Tom Berenger he was greasy and weird , Diane Ladd she was delightful , Chris Klein he wore a beanie that made it look his head like a too small condom on a large penis , Anthony Michael Hall I was the only one in the store and was so obviously starstruck that he and his lady friend took a lap and hightailed it outta there.

    My favorite, however, was when Keith David came in wearing a white jacket with a grey printed wolf landscape on the back.